Who & What is Hitchcock Blonde?

Hitchcock Blonde, the DC Metro area's premier "Electronic Noir" outfit and 2002 Wammie nominee, has been practicing the dark art of digital audio data stream generation, capture and manipulation since October 2000.
Hitchcock Blonde Soul Button Cover Image

Hitchcock Blonde is:

Janna: voice
Scott: loops, samples, keyboards, rhythm, percussion, bass, programming
Kevin: words, voice, loops, samples, keyboards, rhythm, acoustic guitar
Eamon: loops, samples, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, processing

These Mysterious Strangers Will Have You Singing in the Shower

Electronic noir lightens up in the hands of Hitchcock Blonde. Their world music inspired sound is equally indebted to the sunshiny grooves of Jack Johnson. These mysterious strangers will have you singing in the shower.
Editor’s Review, Download.com
Electronic pop that boasts alternative rock guitars and lofty hooks, Soul Button by Washington DC area band Hitchcock Blonde is a thrifty listen rarely wasting a note or verse. Featuring Kowtow Popof, whom Smother has featured prior, the band eagerly delivers addictive riffs and fun upbeat tempos. The percussive elements are very earthy and feel close to world music. Good stuff.
Smother Magazine
Electronic pop music with a touch of Pink Floyd, a little Sly and the Family Stone, a bit of Bowie, some Collective Soul and traces of Roxy Music all thrown in as well. A little too across the board for my tastes but I’m sure it will be a hit with the groove oriented dance crowd. Very cool cover of Lou Reeds “Satellite Of Love”.
J.R. Oliver, Ear Candy
This record comes wrapped in an eye-catching sleeve a cover of a scantily clad blonde. Not so much a Hitchcock blonde (they had more clothes) as a pinup blonde. The music's funky and catchy, the frontman Kerr comes across as Beck meets Jamiroquai. "ETI" (which is a cover of a Blue Öyster Cult song, written by Donald Roeser and Sandy Pearlman) has plenty of wah-wah guitars and a backing vocal by the sweet-voiced Janna Audey that appeals to me. "Taking Flight" is weirdly like Beloved, all blissed-out singing and happy vibes. "The Man With the Flower in His Mouth" is equally sweet, summer of love vibes being felt. The vocals are soulful and oddly plaintive. The album ends with covers of Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" and Holly Vincent's "Rock Against Romance". They both work fine, with Audey singing lead on the latter song. It's an unusual, multi-faceted collection of music this one.
Anna Maria Stjärnell, LunaKafe.com
Faultless!!! Music for the 21st Century...this just groooooves man, excellent guitar work sliding around in the background, great harmonies...all in all faultless!!!
sputnik2, United Kingdom
What an evolution! I think this is the most original song I have heard on the site [Garageband.com] yet. I would buy this, I would love to see this band live...The guitar IS the best I have heard yet. Awesome job guys.
bhhart, Los Angeles, California

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